Landlord Actions for Outstanding Outcomes

Landlording does not have to be difficult, and if it is, chances are, you are making it hard on yourself. Small actions will pave a wide road for a blissful land-lording future. If there’s one certainty, it’s that ignoring a small problem will surely catch up with you. Take these actions and make them habit

Whack em’ Good!

Keep the foliage trimmed. This includes trees near the house, bushes lining the house perimeter, long yard grass, unruly weeds, and even wild flowers. Pay attention to any plant action that is getting out of hand.

The result is, your property will avoid beehive/critter settlement. These bugs get comfortable and multiply very rapidly, so unless you want a bug menagerie on your hands, simply trim! As dramatic as it sounds, there is always the possibility of tenants getting stung by these critters. These days, no matter is too small for a lawsuit.

There’s No Ark To Save You From Your Flood!

Check the basement periodically for leaks (especially unused basements). Fix a hole before you burst a pipe or worse. Catch a leak before it becomes a river.  Your basement may be a scary place, but it is guaranteed to get a whole lot scarier if you avoid maintenance check ups. Some leaks are minor problems, but others could define the future of your house.

Find some tips here for identifying and taking action on those leaks.

Dying In Your Sleep Is A Good Way To Go But……

Install carbon monoxide detectors and ensure fire alarms are working/batteries updated.  This simple action will ensure avoidance of extensive damage to your property, injury to tenants, and ultimately lawsuits. Everyone wants to die peacefully, but death by carbon monoxide is sure to be an exception.

Short But Smart And Sweet

Ensure windows and doors have proper and working locks, and quality thick glass. In turn, you’ll avoid break-ins, resulting in unhappy tenants. You provided the locks; the rest is up to the tenants. Always be the first to take action in safety matters.

The Upper Hand

Take action to perform a yearly inspection well before the official city inspection. In turn, you will avoid fines and difficult deadlines where in you must spend extra money for quick fixes.  Don’t get caught with your pants down! It’s embarrassing for everyone.  Find out here how to be best prepared.

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