Energy Saved In Your Rental is Money Gained

Energy Saved is Money Gained!

As a landlord, whether you or your tenant pays the utilities, these hacks will make for a happier relationship. Everyone is more agreeable when money isn’t flying out a drafty window. If you have an older property, these tricks will be well worth your time. If your properties are newer, these are still worth checking out, and the energy savings will still be beneficial. 

Attics Get Cold Too! 

If you did not install the attic insulation yourself, chances are, it is the original filling, thus old and inefficient.  Installing more, or even replacing it completely, will trap the drafts, and ultimately save on energy bills. Read here for tips on the best type of insulation and step by step directions for completing this messy (but worthwhile) job.

The Demise of Drafts

Windows that have disintegrating sealant and thin glass can allow in unwanted cold air during the tundra months. Replacing the sealant can go far in decreasing these drafts. Another fool proof solution for sealing ancient window frames is utilizing plastic and tape to insulate the windows. These can be purchased as an inexpensive kit. Your furnace will run easier, and your energy bills will noticeably decrease. Identify poorly performing windows by frost on the inside of the window panes. 

Good Ol’ Standbys 

The presence of  rugs make a house feel warm, and absorb the cold sensation. You may see a positive change in the energy bill by throwing a few rugs down during the coldest months. Along the same theme, curtains are also a practical investment, if utilized properly. Long, heavy curtains over old windows will assist in trapping cold drafts from infiltrating the house. If you can endure heavy material covering your windows, you’ll be rewarded in the winter months. 

A warm Welcome 

If you have tenants moving in during the winter months, and you have an older and chilly house, here’s a fun idea. Welcome each tenant with a hot water bag. This is a cheap and simple way to ease the edge of the chillier days, without having to hike up the thermostat. These are great for sleeping with, or even just lounging around with. They’ll love their landlord, and you’ll love the energy bill! For more ideas on welcoming your tenants, check out Ways to Make Tenants Feel Appreciated

Child Proofing Not Just for Parents! 

 Children are not the only reason to child proof outlets. Common especially in older homes, cold air can enter through outlets, draining the energy bill, yet it’s so easy to solve, all on your own.  You could be saving  2%-5% or more on your energy bills annually by applying a do it yourself child proof operation to your outlets.  Foam plate seals and insulating caulk will solve this problem.
See the simple steps to outsmart those sneaky outlets at Squawk Fox. 

Some Like it Hot 

Typically the thermostat of a hot-water heater in a residential property is set higher than necessary. For every day purposes, the temperature only needs to be as high as 120 Fahrenheit (55 Degrees Celsius) degrees.  This temperature will suffice for every day household activities such as washing dishes, hot showers, laundry, etc. You can save you or your tenants a load of money by regulating the hot water heater, and it won’t make a spot of difference to your tenants! 

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