Five Perks to Appreciate Great Tenants

Sometimes, giving perks to your best tenants is the right thing to do for you and your tenant. Above living in the coolest rental ever, tenants may need an extra boost to encourage lease renewal. While you shouldn’t go overboard, there are several perks you can offer to excite your tenant and show them how much you appreciate them.


A fresh coat of paint or new carpet is great way to upgrade your rental. If your tenant agrees to renew their lease, allow them to choose the new color of their carpets or walls. Involving tenants in the process will help them feel loyal to their rental, and can give them a sense of “home” instead of just a “rental.” This small bond can help encourage future renewing.

two of Five Perks: Free deep cleaning session

Everyone loves a professional cleaning on their home. From freshly scrubbed floors, to crystal clear windows, this will be a real treat for your tenant.

This helps you take care of your home while also making your tenant happy. Talk about a win win.

three of five perks: One month of free utilities

Your tenants will enjoy a month of extra long showers and extra cold AC — on you!

four of five perks: Special feature choices

Allow your newly renewed tenant to choose from a list of small upgrades: garbage disposal installation, luxury shower heads or fancy light fixtures.

This one is double duty because you can increase the value of your property while delighting your tenant!

five of five perks: Patio furniture set

Help tenants entertain family and friends by offering a new patio furniture set!

Offer this perk especially when good weather is just around the corner!

Bonus tip: When offering appreciation perks, focus on your genuine appreciation for your great tenant instead of using sales tactics to start getting them to agree to renew their lease. For other lease renewal incentives, see BaseRent’s related post, Six Easy Ways to Encourage Tenants to Renew their Lease.

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