Landlord Checklist for a Lovely Spring

In the land lording world, May is a challenging stage between spring and summer. Spring exposes all the ugly problems after the big thaw and inevitable rain. Exposed yards reveal trash, sidewalk cracks, askew landscaping, and even problems with the property’s exterior structure. Consider reviewing this annual checklist alongside the following items.

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down

If your property has an exterior such as plaster or cement, be alert for patches that become loose from spring thaws and crumble down. The obvious problem this poses is falling pieces injuring passerby’s, followed by a continued deterioration with each crumbling patch. The not so obvious problems may amount to layers underneath that are also deteriorating and rotting. It would be wise to investigate this before it becomes an unmanageable problem. Helpful tips on how to fix this yourself can be found in this article. 


During the early and sporadic spring days, pests take quick advantage of spots to begin building nests for the summer. They choose corners and nooks to hide in. Mailboxes, porch lamps, and roof overhangs are just a few of the examples. It is important to do a walkthrough after that first thaw, and catch these pests before they get too comfortable. A hornet’s nest in the early stages is much easier to eliminate than a fully built nest.

April Showers

Ripped screens are a common occurrence as the result of ice, snow, and even spring windstorms. This applies to both doors and windows. Some tenants will be tempted to open the windows for fresh air even without a screen, thus tempting invasion of unwanted pests and environmental factors. Screens are simple to replace. Be proactive by performing a check on your properties windows as soon as the weather turns. Also encourage tenants to communicate with you about such challenges.

Don’t Feed those Lawsuits!

It is common for a long winter to have a negative affect on older (outdoor) stairs and walkways. In some cases the ice actually keeps the cement or plaster bonded. As the spring approaches and thaws out the ice, ancient walkways and cement stairs begin to deteriorate and split after long exposure to the elements. There are easy fill in cement solutions to fix cracks in your walkways. Research the type of material your walkways are made of, and ensure you obtain similar replacement material.

Hidden SPRING Gifts

Always inspect your roof and gutters as spring approaches. So much unwanted material can become piled up in the gutters along the roof, blocking proper drainage and causing a buildup of harmful moisture. Rotting leaves and other elements can also ultimately rot right through the roof shingles causing interior leaking. In addition to cleaning out the gunk, check for holes and nasty critters attempting to make a home for themselves. Check your basement for wet spots which may lead you exterior holes.

Happy Lawn, Happy Tenants

The grass begins growing as soon as that spring thaw hits. Not only will the grass need to be mowed, but askew tree limbs and dead bushes will need to be removed from the property. The spring thaw will also reveal trash and dead animals, buried under the snow all winter. Whether you’re attempting to rent out your property, or you are recruiting new tenants, a trashy yard will not help your cause.

Look on the upside, if you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed. All of this spring work that demands your time will likely grace with you tolerable weather to work in. Spring is the taste of hope before the feast of summer. There are many more helpful ideas to prepare you for summer in this blog article. The ultimate goal is for you, the landlord, to have a relaxing summer. Preparation will go a long ways.



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