Four reasons high-quality rental applicants skip over your online listing

Whether you rent out an extra bedroom, or 20 homes, one of your biggest anxieties may be that your property will sit vacant and you’ll be left paying an extra mortgage (or 20).  Landlords lose significant resources yearly from the amount of time consumed by finding quality tenants.

In most cases, the more applicants, the better. When there is a scarce number of potential tenants interested in your property, the natural tendency is to panic and just go with that questionable tenant who ends up being the tenant of your nightmares!

Here are a few reasons you may not be attracting potential renters, or the kind you want. Avoid these common mistakes and you’ll bring in more applicants: in both quality and quantity.

1. Poor Quality Pictures. The lighting in your home isn’t conducive to good picture-taking, you took pictures before you cleaned your place, or your camera or most up-to-date pictures are from the 1800s. When they have other options, potential tenants will immediately click out of your listing if the pictures are dirty-looking or even appear dirty from grainy quality.

Most smart phones in 2017 have awesome cameras already built in. Plug in some extra lamps, take pictures during daylight, and make sure the house is thoroughly cleaned before you do your photo op.

2. Lack of Details in your Listing. If it’s not easy for the seeker to make a snap decision on whether they are interested, or if they have to follow up with more questions, they may move on to the next property and skip the hassle.  Including restrictions.

Bonus tip: Do not use all CAPITAL letters in your post. It makes you look desperate!

3. No Swag in Your Title. Remember: you’re competing against 100s of other titles! Advertise what your key selling point or competitive advantage is in the listing title. Simply list what your rental has that others may not.

Bad Example: Nice 4 BD/ 2 BR House w Great Kitchen and Fine Garage
Good Example: Just Five Minutes to Campus!
Good Example: Newly Renovated Kitchen!

4. What Now? No call-to-action or clear follow-up option. Make sure you tell the seeker exactly what to do if they are interested in your listing. Call? Email? Text? Send up a smoke signal? Don’t leave them guessing, or they’ll leave your listing.

Pro tip: Provide a phone number for interested parties to TEXT. Just in case you forgot, it’s 2017, and people just don’t like getting on the phone. Especially those quiet well-mannered introverts you’re sure to be seeking!

Did we miss anything? Comment below with your advice on the DOs and DON’Ts of online property listing.

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