Are Strict Landlord Pet Policies for the Birds?

It may sound harsh, but enforcing pet policy rules is usually in a landlord’s best interest. Just say no. In cases of slim tenant pickings, you may not have this luxury, but in most cases, opt for no pets. We will explore why below.

Caveat: Don’t forget to check with your state laws regarding service animals. We are not referring to service animals in this blog post as they are in a whole different category legally.

Unit Wear And Tear from Pets

Shedding hair will bind itself to carpets, will cause unpleasant odors and could create a dingy feel that may be difficult to shake. You may have to turn to harsh chemicals during unit turnaround that you never wanted to use.

Pets have claws and beaks that easily chip away or degrade drywall, carpet and wallpaper.

Pro tip: No matter what a tenant may tell you, their dog does shed. Scientifically, there is no such thing as a dog that doesn’t shed at all.

Pet Annoyances

Barking, meowing and other sounds are just par for the course when it comes to animals. However, not everyone in your complex will see it that way. Unwanted sounds always cause neighbor tension, especially if your tenants leave their pets at home during the day.

Chances are, as the landlord, you’ll end up getting wrapped up in the issues of neighbor annoyances if you allow pets.

Pet Safety Concerns

Not everyone in the apartment complex will feel comfortable with the new bulldog that just moved in upstairs. Anything that causes neighbor contention should be avoided like the plague.

Sure, it may cute the first time the fluffy cat from downstairs escapes, but when it becomes a bi-weekly event, or when the escaping pet is actually a gerbil or snake, it quickly becomes a point of contention.

Pro tip: Be crystal clear about your pet policy. Do not decide on a case-by-case scenario. The owner of the fighter pit-bull will never understand why you wouldn’t want her dog in your apartment complex.

Bonus pro tip: If your unit is starting to get that dingy feel, check out our last blog post, Five Simple Decorating Ideas for tips!

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