Calling all Landlords! We have exciting news! BaseRent has officially partnered with SmartMove in order to seamlessly include background checks as a rollout of the tenant application. Our SmartMove integration has passed certification. We have the stamp of approval from TransUnion. This means we are 100% certified to run background checks for our landlords!

When a potential tenant fills out the rental application, a consent signature will be included for a background check. When the application is submitted, the background check process is immediately launched. Smartmove is notified, and they put the check into motion. The background check will cost the applicant an extra $30. Most landlords require background checks, so this should come as no surprise for applicants.

The beauty of this feature is that the background checks will require no extra work on the landlord’s end. The steps are all inclusive in the application, and the only involvement the landlord will have is to read the outcome of the background check.  

Note that Landlords do not pay for this – prospective tenants do through the app.
Credit and Criminal Background check (no eviction check) = $30/application 
Eviction background check (plus credit and criminal) = $40/application total

If you choose to include this add on feature in your tenant application process through BaseRent, these are the detailed reports our integration with SmartMove will pull on prospective tenants:

Information Fraud indicators Profile Summary
Resident Score Tradelines Collections Inquiries
Information Summary Comments Court Actions Court
Court charge Disposition Attention
Information Results

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