Smart Landlord Resolutions for Results

It’s a brand new year, and January isn’t over yet.  Although New Year’s Resolutions seem cliché, resolute resolutions always come with results. When your livelihood centers on tenant relations, and your resolutions revolve around your tenants, the results will come full circle. Follow these tips to make a strong toast for a successful year.


  • Make an intentional and positive communication with your tenants, for no reason at all. Send a thank you card or maybe write an email. Wish them a happy January, and if it’s relevant, tell them what great tenants they’ve been for the past year.  This small kindness will go a long way. Sending sincere positive vibes usually yields good results.


  • Set attainable goals for your properties and keep yourself accountable to accomplish them. Have you been promising a paint touchup? Could you increase your schedule of yard upkeep to help with critters and aesthetics? Have you been meaning to insulate the windows on a property? What about that bush you were going to plant last year, or that annoying tree that you promised to cut down? Make a list, and determine that you’ll accomplish one item per month. Maybe even pass that list to your tenants, so they know you’re serious. That will also help you stay accountable to accomplish these resolutions, and the results will feel good to both you and your tenants. Can’t think of any New Year’s goals for your properties? This article has some ideas that might push you in the right direction.


  • Send a care package with little items that can be useful around the house, or if you really want to make a mark, send a Costco sized box of toilet paper. They’ll really appreciate that! Put together a care package with some baked goods and household essentials. Even such a small gesture will result in heartfelt appreciation. Human nature everywhere responds well to a caring action. If you want to go the extra mile, check out this BaseRent post for some excellent pointers!


  • Resolve to improve your communication. Ask your tenant if there ‘s anything you can do to improve in the new year, but do be careful with this. Some tenants could get the wrong idea, and ask for the moon. You likely know which tenants you could extend this invitation to without misunderstanding. The results could be beneficial for your relationship in the long run, if communicated properly. Check out this article on tips for going the extra mile with tenant communications. Another great source can be found on this Basement blog- How to Retain Good Tenants. 

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