How to Prepare for a Landlord’s Dream Summer

 The sun is finally out, and all we want is to trade that drab winter coat for a swimsuit. Before hitting the beach, check off this list of items. Preparation is prevention! Your properties will need preparation so the seasonal changes won’t wreak havoc on them.

Even gutters need gutting!

Clean out the roof gutters to avoid disastrous results during the rainy season. Preparation will save you from a multitude of problems including flooding and the possibility of unwanted critters. This project can be done yourself with a ladder, a trash bag, and a climb friendly roof. If you have an unusually steep roof, this may require outside help. Don’t do anything that could risk your life. See this helpful source for more tips on safe and effective gutter cleaning.

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder

Thunderstorms are beautiful when you’re not worrying about the house collapsing. Precariously placed and overgrown branches can be hazardous during storm season. Inspect trees and bushes on your property to ensure large branches are not hanging over the house structure. All it takes is one windstorm or lightning strike to cause months of expensive repair. It’s amazing what a little preparation will do.

Preparation for Pesty Pesks!  

If your property is in an area where pests visit after the winter thaw, remember to schedule appropriate treatment for your property. This should also include preventative measures indoors for mice, cockroaches, etc. The last thing you want is a panicked call from a tenant, just as you’re about to take a sip of that mojito. If anything will cause panic, it is sure to be a pest. A little preparation can prevent a pesky phone call.

Go green!

If your property has a yard with slow grass growth after the cold season, ensure grass seeds are planted to avoid an ugly summer picture . A little preparation can save your aesthetics, which are very important for marketability.

Don’t be that trashy neighbor 

Speaking of your yard (if your property has one), once that final thaw occurs , do a property walk for trash and other debris. It’s surprising what hides under the snow and leaves during the year. It makes for unsavory yard decorations. Additionally it is not a good display for property tours.

Keep in mind that you will save yourself time intensive projects down the road if you give attention to these items early in the season. Following these steps is an assurance for an enjoyable summer for a landlord. Another great resource for tips on preparation and timesaving measures can be read here.


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