Tips for Landlord Summer Sanity

Ah summer. All anyone wants to be worrying about is if the tide is going to reach his or her chair. However, if your properties are not sufficiently prepped for summer, that fruity drink just won’t taste as delicious. The possibility of disaster will always be lurking in the corner of your mind. Carpe Diem. Tackle problems in the moment, and the moment will live on. The following encompasses tips for landlords to capitalize on the summer!

Plumb- ing, Not the Juicy Purple Fruit

Yes, it’s summer, but the rain doesn’t stop. Those beautiful summer thunderstorms not only wreak havoc on nostalgia, but they also do a number to your gutters.  When that lovely pattering rain turns into hurricane like sheets of rain, problems will quickly arise, and so will the water. Usually the source to these emergencies is gutters becoming clogged with debris, thus preventing the rain to properly drain. Clean all drains as soon as the warm weather hits! It doesn’t take long, and it will save you frustration in the long run. While you’re up there checking those gutters, keep an eye out for loose shingles or tiles. Take precautions not to fall to your fate.  Check out this source for more such tips and tricks

Paint to Save Face!

This one is a no brainer. PAINT PAINT PAINT! You can transform both the interior and exterior of your house with a simple but quality paint job. Assess your properties and tackle those areas. A 10-minute job can equal transformative results. The summer is dry and warm, decreasing the drying period, aiding in the paint sticking.  A myriad of complications accompany winter painting jobs. Bad air quality, toxic fumes, and inconvenience to your tenants are just a few of the winter painting trials. Find 10 painting tips here, to assist in a quality experience for both you and the wall.

The Dire of Damp

Due to the constraints of wet weather,  landlords should schedule rot inspections for summer weather. Early detection and early repair leads to an early bedtime and uninterrupted sleep. In fact, any wood structures on the property should also be inspected, particularly in the summer when bugs are more prone to burrow their way in. If you ignore wet or infested wood for long enough, you may be looking at a collapsing structure. Take special care to assess your basement if you have wood beams and ceilings. These are the areas that are rarely noticed, yet may present dire consequences. Follow this link to find out how to do your own home rot inspections.

Power in Cleanliness!

When the summer weather becomes consistent, consider power washing the outside of your house and sidewalks on your property. Find out what material your porch or deck consists of before you apply the power washer. Not every surface can withstand the force. Consider doing this at the beginning of the summer, and also immediately before you put your place up for rent. It’s amazing how a power wash spruce can transform a first impression. You can rent power washers at your local Home Depot or Lowes.

It’s Not Magic

Perform a critical walkthrough of your yard right before the summer. Ugly eye sores pop up on least suspecting landlords. Where did that dead bush come from all of a sudden? When did the grass just stop growing in that central spot? Also, no one sees the tree stump that’s been sitting in the front yard for a year, except for the fresh eyes of potential tenants. Often, the familiar eye no longer sees the problems. Try to approach property walkthroughs with the perspective of a first time viewer. Do the bushes need trimming? Is the porch crumbling? Is the exterior paint chipped? Are dead bunnies littering the yard, nestled in between all the dandelions?

Don’t Coddle the Creatures!

Prepare your tenants to guard against critters in the summer. Bugs, particularly ants, tend to creep their way in, beginning small and harmless, ending in screams and disgust.  With older properties, advise tenants to keep fruit, sugar, honey, and anything sweet secured in zip lock bags or the refrigerator/freezer. Most items can be frozen with no consequence. In fact, freezing foods will preserve and lengthen overall shelf life. This also applies to many grainy foods, which are highly prone to moth invasion. Moths are especially drawn to grains, including pastas, cereals, rice, flour, and even dried beans. They will lay their eggs and multiply. Tenants can freeze most of these foods with no repercussions, while avoiding the unwelcome visitors. Additionally, tenants should frequently sanitize counters, and sweep floors free of crumbs. A house can quickly become overrun with bugs, and even rodents, if tenants do not take precautions.

This list may seem overwhelming, but in reality, none of these suggestions are laborious or overly time consuming. Incorporating these tips into your daily land lording life will save you from an all-consuming job, eating up those precious summer days. For more tips on this subject, also check out this blog article by BaseRent. Keep on top of these tasks, and you’ll be dipping more than just your toes into the ocean.


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